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You know what has always confused me?
So often I overhear these women in the shop talking about how they picked out their engagement ring, and then the guy goes to buy it, then "surprises" their spouse to be with said ring. Complete with a fake, "OMG, I'm so taken by surprise, yes I'll marry you!"

Or even worse, giving them cash to go buy it! That's just bad mojo, lol!

To me, it's all pretty back-asswards.
It's not even about the ring for me, it's the thought and the emotion that is involved with deciding to ask the person you love to be with you forever. The ring is just a nice icing on the cake, but it also needs to come from the heart, if one chooses to present a ring at all.
It is a symbol, after all.

Having her 'shop' for ring she wants prior to the big question just smacks of materialism, and a simple need for jewelry they can flaunt in front of their girlfriends, not a partner.
Call me traditional, but it's like telling a sweetheart to bring you flowers; that's just coercion. It lacks the thoughtful spontaneity behind giving/receiving flowers, nor does it inspire the same in the person you want them from.
I guess people have just gotten lazy and go with what they are told by general media.
Behaving like people on TV, and mimicking their manners, has become acceptable...which would be fine, if it were 1950 :-\

Of course, slyly *Looking* at rings with a sweetheart to get a better idea is another story.
Anders and I have done that on occasion while rummaging through antique shops.
(We are both nuts for the Arts & Crafts period and 1930s deco era jewelry, fashion and architecture).

I guess my point is that you should know the person you want to marry well enough that you can pick out the ring yourself, and ACTUALLY pop that question.
That show of confidence in how well you know them is more impressive and heart-melting than the ring itself!
I just can't understand why people don't get this concept any longer.
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