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Enough griping about the Royal Wedding, people.
I mean really.

You call it a 'distraction' and a waste of time...
There are other more important things to worry about.
Well YES, there are, and what gets people through all those bad and even horrific times we've had over the centuries?...Can you guess?...it's pretty obvious....


It's good for morale. It's why Ninja not only train to kill, but also learn the art of flower arrangement.Balance.

Additionally, while the wedding may not be your cup of tea, or even part of your own global location, mindset or family, it offers us not only a nice distraction from the shit that is hitting and about to hit our fan...but a REMINDER that we need to 'Keep calm, and carry on'.
A reminder that no matter how horrible our world and how distracted we may become, never to "forget ourselves", our traditions, our MANNERS, our ability to conduct ourselves with intelligence, composure, and fairness...even though life is by no means fair.

And come on, it's the first royal wedding where the bride and groom got married because they loved each other. Not because they had to out of duty.
Duty is important, however this is a nice case of both.
Love and duty can coexist.

And on another note;
*IF* one is so distracted as some say, by this wedding and all it's pomp and bunting from other important events occurring in this world, then let the bomb drop on their houses for their own ignorance.

My favorite so far:
"Didn't we fight a war 200 years ago so we didn't need to pay attention this crap?"
....yeah...so then why are you PAYING ATTENTION TO IT AND COMPLAINING ABOUT IT??
Pull the stick out or your butt and get over it....oh holy crap, look over there it's Osama Bin Laden's body!!

...You catch my drift?


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