Jul. 13th, 2010

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I write like
Chuck Palahniuk

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...As in, the author of Fight Club.
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The current news on the friend-turned-stalker front is; there is no news.
Which is good!
I haven't heard a peep, so I assume Eric gave him his books and he no longer has any reason to contact me.
I think by not speaking to him, and having Eric as a sort of moderator in this, he's gotten the hint...finally.
At least I can hope so, and I'm grateful to have had a friend help me out with this.

Otherwise, life is pretty good.
The job is boring right now, yet still stressful, which is a bad combination.
July is always one of the slowest months of the year.
I can't improve sales if there are no customers coming in.
At least I no longer get harassed on a daily basis from 3 different bosses, as was the 'mode de rigueur' at the previous employer.
And now I can have my laptop with me to fill the dead hours, within reason.

Ich liebe meinen mann.
Last month we celebrated our 2nd anniversary, and we are looking forward to our wedding day.
Originally we'd planned on November, but if we end up at an outdoor location, Springtime might be a better bet. We are in Northern California, after all.
It will be an intimate affair. Not the kind with doves that fly out of the cake and poop on the guests, or invitations that match the napkins ;->
Perhaps a short ceremony, sharing vows, then enjoying a party with friends.
Food will most likely be potluck style and people can bring what they like.
The only thing I will probably obsess over slightly, will be my wedding dress, of course.
I keep dreaming of an ice blue, or rich ivory, slinky satin gown from the 1930s.
There are a few sewing patterns in my collection I might be able to make this gown from.
I just have to decide on the cut. I want a look that says '1936 wedding in Berlin, filmed in an old Hollywood studio'.
Regardless, I'd marry him right now, at the justice of the peace. Wedding dress or not.


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