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but you want to know what really offends me?
Crap like this, for obvious reasons:

Save it for Halloween ladies.
Each time I see some bimbo at Oktoberfest events in one of these, I want to punch her in the face.
If you're going to wear a fetish-ized dirndl dress, you must either be:
A. an actual fetish model
B. at said themed fetish event/shoot.
C. [livejournal.com profile] kumimonster ;->

Hey, I'll admit I want a latex dirndl dress. That would be awesome!
But I'm not going to wear it outside photo shoots and fetish club events. And I'm already German, so that helps ;->
My performer pal Shanghai Pearl takes her own Asian heritage and makes light of it all the time, because she can. She plays up the whole Suzie Wong character expertly.
But she's not going to wear her mini tear away cheongsam to grandmother's birthday.

While I know those cheap Leg Avenue "sexy costumes" are marketed toward the male douche-bags out there, they aren't any less insulting to me when worn to the more traditional European cultural events.
It's like inviting a friend to dinner with your family, and they show up in their underwear with the words "Dinner" and "Let's Eat!" scrawled across front of their bra/panties.

Sad thing is, Oktoberfest in the US has become not much more than a drunken frat Burning Man party. Just look at St. Patrick's day. Or better yet "Renaissance" festivals; fairy wings, polyester 'gowns' and dragon mugs everywhere.
Not as culturally specific as Oktoberfest, but the same issue.
That's not to say you shouldn't have fun. Go ahead, get shitfaced.
Polka til you puke.
Just don't shop amazon.com for something to wear.
Stick with the jeans and t-shirt that says "I heart beer."

While I know some that do it, and do it well, I'm personally not going to run around a Japanese art festival in kimono. Mainly because I'm not Japanese.
Some might say "oh who cares, the world is a village and there are no borders in fashion, blah, blah, blah..."
No, but there is that thing called *cultural appropriation* and respect when it comes to other cultures' traditions. That also applies to the clothing associated with said cultures.
Don't throw on a Halloween costume dirndl of any kind because it happens to be Oktoberfest, it makes your tit's look bigger, and you want to be German for a day.
Fuck you. I will shove the damn "costume" and that salted pretzel down your throat...while the douche-bags cheer on.
Hot girl on girl action....beer flying everywhere. Either way, I win.

And if you show up in a "sexy geisha" costume to the Japanese event mentioned earlier, I hope a panda disembowels you on the spot.
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