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One thing I forgot to mention that I found intriguing.
Human behavior has always been a fascinating subject to me, so in my line of work (both retail and burlesque), I have seen some pretty interesting stuff.
Namely in how people treat merchandise when they shop.
Call it nit-picky, but have you ever noticed when a customer picks something up and how they put it back?
3 out of 5 customers that walk into my shop on a daily basis seem to not be able to put things back as they found them, not even close. It's as if their brain can't compute it.
Instead of returning a shoe even remotely to the way they found it, they will set it down backwards, on its side, on the floor beneath the waist high shelf it was on, even upside down with the sole facing up o_O
Very odd.
Or when they try on a display shoe. They literally drop or even throw a $300 black suede heel on the floor, then shove a foot into it without using their hands.
Perhaps they assume it's 'just the display' model, while in reality, that shoe is part of a pair for sale.

The latter is more common with people who were never taught manners, but what interested me was in how people placed items back on the shelf in ways opposite of how they found them.
I was discussing the subject with a regular customer of mine who worked in shoe sales for 15 years, and happens to now be a psychologist.
She verified that my suspicions were correct;
Among many theories, people exhibit their consideration for other people and their own self worth, through how they treat objects that are arranged in a specific pattern, like a shoe shop or things in a boutique setting.
It's also like they can't stand a balanced and symmetrical arrangement, and have to fuck it up somehow.
That's a whole other mental can of worms.
I like to *think* they do this subconsciously, but I have had people in the past do crap like this just to be a shitheel.


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