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Continued from this post:

I finally decided that I'd rather use a linen rayon blend or a cotton twill for the skirt, for now. I'll still do a tropical weight wool version later, since I just found an 'optic' white worsted wool that is lovely.

Yesterday I found a nice 100% cotton twill in an off white with a softer drape. It matches the shirting I have for the blouse perfectly.
From the photos I've seen of Heer Helferinnen in their 'Whites', many of the skirts are behaving less like a wool and more like a cotton or even linen blend with a twill weave.
I'm sure though, at various points during the war, they went with whatever was available.
Many of these female auxiliary uniforms were made by local tailors, working from specs given to them, so there are often variants in fabric and cut.
many times the blouse was not issued, and women could supply their own as long as it conformed to guidelines on cut and color, and had all the correct insignia sewn on by the wearer.

I have about 2 weeks to complete this uniform for an event. Just a small gathering really, a training weekend for our Heer unit (the 352nd). So it being in July, Summer whites would be appropriate.
Myself and I think 2 other ladies will be there to help out with cooking and uniform mending/touch-ups, and generally gracing the premises with our feminine wiles ;->
Hey, it's good for morale!
I promise to get photos.
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